2hr Accelerator

Virtual Workshop


Session Outline

Have you got a great idea for a brand, a product or service but don’t know quite where to start? Or perhaps you run a startup and need help navigating its early years.

Created for super-early stage entrepreneurs, startup founders and side-hustle creators looking to make the leap, our 2hr Accelerator gives you the essential tools, techniques, strategies and hacks to enable your business to start, survive and thrive.

A highly interactive session that highlights what your idea or business has sorted right now and, more importantly, where the holes and opportunities are, giving you an action plan with areas to focus on in the short to medium term.


“Behaviour’s beautifully crafted 2hr Accelerator gave me insights into my business that have been profoundly helpful in re-strategising and identifying pain points. I was thoroughly impressed with their breadth of knowledge and ability to input on both the high level and the granular”.

Arielle Assouline-Lichten, Founder – Slash Objects


“Behaviour quickly gave me focus and clarity on where the future of our startup lies. In two hours, we covered a huge amount of ground and I walked away feeling reinvigorated about the right way forward”.

Ali Hanan, Founder – Creative Equals


“When you’re a startup you have a lot of conversations with a lot of people. It quickly feels overwhelming – a forest of exciting ideas and critical to-dos. Talking to Behaviour was the first time I felt like I could see the other side”.

Elliott Star, Co-Founder – Rank


I cannot tell you how good it was. Really, really amazing”.

Marion Marincat, Founder – Mumbli